In these few words I would like to open the door to my World… the photographing World. Photographing, which has been my passion for plenty of  years allows me to catch inimitable moments. Whether it is in the summer, winter, in the sun, in the rain, at dawn, at dusk, in the mountains or by the sea, in the middle of nowhere and round the corner, I always try 
to eternalize this exceptional moment in a special way. 
Bobbing through life with the camera I look for emotion, people’s emotions. These are people who inspire me the most. By their smile, sometimes by their tears of emotion which are the consequences of the solemnity moment I take special photos. 
To eternalize the most beautiful and the most important moments I have been gaining knowledge for plenty of years.
By life experience, sensitivity, and temperament each of us perceives the World in different way. Therefore, photographing is for me something more than next exposal. Each frame bares me, my personality, and my soul. 
Wedding photographing is very special, where happiness and tears continually mix with themselves. 
The time of reflection… a minute before next tear… before next smile…
I photograph in Poland, in Europe, and outside it. Moreover,  I take photos in many other different places as Warsaw, Paris, Cracow, Barcelona, Gdańsk, the Cyclades, Wrocław, and Petersburg. I know that at every place there are emotions that wait for me and I will find them. 
There is no place that I cannot reach. I will be at every place where You would like to open for me your World.   I hope you will allow me to be a discreet witness of beautiful and inimitable moments of Your life.
The way I perceive the world you will see in my portfolio. 
You will find my newest photos on my blog, Facebook, Instagram.
See you then! 


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