About Me

Photographing is my profession, but above all it is my great passion and life style. I have been handling photographing services for happy and enamored couples with great success for 20 years. I have passed a long way through these years to become a professional wedding photographer. 
The word "professional” is for me steady necessity of raising my abilities. I don’t rest on my laurels. I participate in plenty of workshops and photographing courses. I possess permission of Diocese Curia of Radom for photographing during sacred solemnities. I care about 
the highest quality of given service to my clients. At my work I care about all details. 
I am always happy when glad clients recommend my photographing services to their friends or they return for more. It is the proof of trust which I am invested with.
I always try to reinvent myself and my skills. Each reportage is a new challenge and a new experience. 
Whatever occasion – a wedding, engagement or portrait session – I always look beyond that what is obvious, I always do my best. Each occasion is special for me, and every person 
is unique. I believe that Your day is full of magic, joy, and great humor, therefore I do my best to eternalize these special moments. 
I love photographing, people, the evanescence of moments. My goal is to present that in my work. I experience every session, it is like a new adventure.
I also photograph other ceremonies with great pleasure, e.g., Saint Baptism that is a very important event in a little human and her/his parents’ life. Moreover, Holly Communion which is a great spiritual experience for a child and her/his family. There is also other special occasion – Prom, which is a great opportunity to create the first portrait of getting into adult life young people. I am really inspired with spontaneous and crazy party till early morning, it makes me create inimitable reportage. 

At my work I rely on:

Nikon d4 Camera
Nikon d800 Camera
Nikon d300s Camera
16-35mm f/4 Nikkor Lens
 24-70mm f/2.8 Nikkor Lens
50mm f/1.4 Nikkor Lens
85mm f/1.8 Nikkor Lens
70-200mm f/2.8 Nikkor Lens
105mm f/2.8 Nikkor Makro Lens
Speedlite SB-910 Lamps
SU-800 Nikkor Flash Driver
Bowens Flashes 
LED Westcott Lamps
Digital Nippon Printing